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  • Coco feeding frequency

    Created by Mike Shields on

    Frequency of feeding plants grown in coco with 25% perlite.

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    Hey Mike!

    Keep in mind that a soilless media such as coco, perlite, peat, or vermiculite lack the nutrients(or amendments) that would naturally be included in the soil. Because of this, plants grown in this type of media will have to be fed often in order to compensate for the lack of available nutrients. Weaker is always better than stronger when it comes to the amount of fertilizer you are adding. You can always add more, it’s impossible to remove what has already been added. Weakly and often is best with coco feeding and finding a schedule that works for you is key. Making sure you have a supply of micronutrients, beneficial fungi/bacteria, as well as a calcium/magnesium supplement is key beyond the grow and bloom formulas. For heavy feeders I would suggest starting with a Feed-Feed-Water or Feed-Feed-Feed-Water. For seedlings and young transplants you could experiment with a feed-water-feed-water schedule. Good Luck!

    Happy Holidays!

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