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  • clones in used solution

    Created by Eric Dailey on

    I’m cloning three plants in bottled water. Two male and one female. Is there any adverse or beneficial effects to using used clone water solution as a plant food? I’m not looking for a magical solution just to gain knowledge in general. Thanks for your time and reply.

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Eric –

    The cloning solution helps to encourage plant vigor, rather than increase your chances of rooting. By adding the solution to your water you are making sure your clones receive a steady dose of specifically formulated plant nutrients used by cuttings. The solution contains just about every usable plant macro and micro nutrient, at low enough levels to prevent nutrient shock to the clones. There is no hormone in the cloning solution, however it does contain vitamin B1 which the label claims will help to reduce transplant shock. For the most part, using it in the cloning process it seems to be a matter of preference. Some folks have enough success with the gel that they forgo the solution entirely. Other growers swear by the gel/solution combo. I’d suggest trying it out to see if it fits well into your personal process.


    Happy Cloning!

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