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  • How to fix calcium deficiency in pepper plants?

    Created by Rosalind Kim on

    We had our soil tested and it shows a lack of calcium. We are growing peppers in this plot. Your directions for the Down to Earth Liquid Calcium Fertilizer say to use 1-2 Tablespoons/gallon of water — how much of this solution would you apply at the base of each plant?

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Rosalind –

    Thank you for your question. Once the liquid solution has been mixed according to instruction, you can water your pepper plant as you normally would. We recommend feeding Liquid Calcium 5% weekly.

    Calcium absorption issues can be prevented by keeping soil moisture level consistent. Plants are most vulnerable to calcium deficiencies from the time they begin to set fruit to the time those fruits are at ½ their mature size. You can prepare your soil with an adequate amount of calcium for next growing season by amending your soil with gypsum or bone meal at the end of the current season. These products can lower your soil Ph, so be sure you test your soil Ph before planting.

    Happy gardening!

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