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  • Building a Tomato House

    Created by Suds on

    I’m thinking about building a tomato house and want to know what y’all think. Here’s my plan:

    I want to build it out of cedar 2×6’s and I’m thinking that it will be about 6′ long x 5′ tall by 3′ deep. The South facing front will mostly be 1/4″ clear plexiglass – same goes for the top, which will be hinged so I can open it on hot summer days. I’ll probably put some weed barrier down and then fill it (1-foot deep) with a mixture of worm castings and organic compost.

    What do you think? I’m hoping that it will house at least 3 plants. Do you think that my soil mix is too rich for tomatoes? Anything I’m missing?

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    Suds – Looks good to me! Tomatoes like rich, well-drained soil – so I think your fine. You may also want to add some fertilizer before planting. Just make sure that it's balanced – too much nitrogen and you'll end up with large plants and few tomatoes.

    How are you going to get into the tomato house? You will want easy access.



    Ahhh, good call! I'm gonna' hinge the front plexiglass panel so that I can get to the goods easily. I originally thought that I could just reach down through the top of the house – but that would make reaching the lower tomatoes tough. Hinging the front should help if I need to increase air circulation too.



    Did you construct the tomato house? If so can you post pictures?



    I want to build a Tomato House too! I am building a regular Greenhouse right now, I want to start on the Tomato House next. I will have to reread this thread before I begin! Also I have heard Tomatoes don't like ultra violet light, anyone know if this is true? (I'm going to do web research on this to see what I can find out)

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