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  • Adding Bread/ Tortillas to the Pile

    Created by Cindy Cox on

    In every resource I find I do not see a DO or DON’T for composting breads or tortillas, etc. Is there a more comprehensive list of what to use and what not to use? Thank you,.

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Cindy –

    Of course you can compost bread and tortilla chips. Both products will soak up moisture and break down quickly. Keep in mind that pretty much any food scrap can be tossed in the pile… just make sure to bury it. The biggest concern here is unwanted critters visiting the pile. You do not want to attract animals with an overly smelly bin. To prevent this, many composters prefer to toss non-vegetable food scraps into a worm bin or bokashi bucket. I’ve included a link to our page on what to compost… or not!


    Hope it helps!

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