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  • Best soil for blueberry plants

    Created by Pam on

    I was taught not to buy bareroot blueberries and to buy blueberries grown in soil for at least a year and then sold with the ball of dirt on the roots. I recently ordered some older blueberry plants that DO have soil on them, BUT have been grown in containers so I am guessing are missing the fungi that my mentor told me were important for the blueberries. GREAT planting instructions included with the plants that I ordered, BUT they are saying clear out the existing soil and plant in Canadian Peat Moss because of its lower pH. I have some Coconut Coir blocks that I THINK were processed to eliminate some of the salts. Their pH will be higher than that which the plant seller was needed (and why the recommended the peat moss) The Coconut Coir blocks are higher in pH, but I have a bunch that I already own and cannot get the Canadian peat moss where I live. What would you suggest to make certain that my new plants get all that THEY need so that the berries we eat will have the nutritional value they are SUPPOSED to have. Thanks! Pam

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