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  • What can I do about black widows outside our house?

    Created by Jen on

    What is your best product to get rid of black widow spiders around the outside of our house? We live in Long Island, NY.

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Jen –

    Black widow spiders are often found hiding in dark, undisturbed areas including window wells, cinder blocks, wood piles, garage corners and rodent holes. They are not aggressive, but care should be taken to avoid being bit. The following tips and techniques can be used to control them outside.

    • Clean up and dispose of trash, debris, old equipment and other insect hiding places.
    • Repair screens and weather-stripping around doors and windows.
    • Apply Tanglefoot Pest Barrier to incoming pipes and door jambs to eliminate access inside your home.
    Insect Magnet Traps used indoors will capture many crawling pests.
    • Apply diatomaceous earth and/ or Don’t Bug Me Spray to cracks, crevices and other hiding places.
    • Use Doktor Doom Insect Foggers in larger areas like crawl spaces, garages, sheds or barns.

    I’ve also included a link to our spider control page.


    Hope it helps!

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