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  • Product for fruit tree disease?

    Created by karina melitonyan on

    I have apple trees that I think are affected by one of the rust disease or may be black rot… Also pear trees have I think pear scab. And I have been battling fireblight for two years now. Is there one product that would take care of all these issues? We also have bees and do not want to apply anything that would possibly harm them. Thank you!

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    E. Vinje

    Karina –

    You may want to try Actinovate. It’s OMRI Listed for organic use and works with a concentrated beneficial microorganism (Streptomyces lydicus) that establishes itself on plants’ roots and leaves. Here’s the link:




    will it work on the rust? I see in other answers you recommend copper /sulfur treatments


    E. Vinje

    Karina –

    Actinovate will control/ suppress rust, black spot and fire blight. If you’re looking for one product to take care of them all… this is it! I’ve included a couple of links that should help.

    Orchard & Tree Pests

    Plant Diseases

    Good luck!

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