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  • Gardening at 6000 ft.

    Created by Linda English on

    I want to begin vegetable gardening on land at 6,000 feet altitude in Colorado. What are the best seeds to begin with to start for that region? Also, what greenhouse structure do you recommend if there are known bears in the area? Thanks

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    Eric Vinje

    Hello Linda,

    When looking for seeds, you’re goal will be to find the crops with the shortest growing season. Packages are labeled with the number of days until harvest, and you want that number to be as small as possible! If your temperatures stay low throughout the summer, leafy greens are going to be your best friends. Plants with the longer day requirements may go into your greenhouse for the season.

    As for the greenhouse, my best idea would to build a permanent structure with a solid door and locks. Using an alternative material to glass could be something to consider.

    Best of luck!

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