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  • ballast for 400w metal halide

    Created by Allen Stewart on


    I purchased the 45″ Xtrasun vertical light fixture from you, along with a 400 watt metal H. bulb. But when it came, I could not plug it into a normal 120vac power outlet. I posted a request for help here, and you explained that I needed to buy a ballast and an adapter cable to hook up the light, You provided links, so I purchased the Quantum 400W ballast and the BAASR adapter cable you specified. But now that these two additional items have also arrived, I still cannot hook up anything!

    The ‘All-in-one’ light cord that came with the 45″ Xtrasun reflector, has a MALE connector with three round prongs arranged in a triangle. But the BAASR adapter cable also has a MALE end with this same configuration, and a FEMALE connector with what looks like receptacles for two round prongs and one flat prong–that are not in a straight line. However, the Quantum ballast purchased also has this same FEMALE connector, so I can’t plug the light cord into either the adapter cable or the ballast, nor does the adapter cable pug into either the light cord or the ballast!

    Why is this so hard? We all know what country we live in, and I need simply to be able to plug the reflector light you sold me into the ballast you sold me, and then plug that ballast into a standard three-prong 120VAC wall outlet.

    Note: for some reason the Quantum ballast came with two identical standard 120VAC power cords. So was the second power cord put into the box instead of the correct adapter cable?

    The adapter cable I obviously need has a FEMALE end with receptacles for three round prongs arranged in a triangle, and then the MALE end must be two round and one flat prongs to plug into Quantum ballast’s FEMALE connector.

    PLEASE help me by identifying the proper adapter for the light cord and ballast purchased.


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    Eric Vinje

    Allen –

    It looks like they sent you the wrong adapter. I recommended the BAASP adapter to get you up and running, but you mentioned receiving the BAASR adapter. Please call 1-888-349-0605 and ask for Coby. He will get you the correct adapter ASAP.

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