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  • Starting Avocado Seeds Indoors

    Created by amccutchen on

    I’m a complete rookie to indoor gardening or gardening in general for that matter. I’m just getting started and wanted to take a couple avocado seeds/pits and get them to start the roots so I can plant them. I found lots of info online to do this so I peeled them, put toothpicks in them and put them in a cup with water about halfway up the seed. However, I wanted to try it with a little twist to make it easier to maintain the water and hopefully speed up the process so I wanted to try it under a grow light. I’ve got an Led Grow light Bulb with red and blue light and have it on the seeds 24/7. Will I see results this way or is this type of light only good for other types of indoor growing? Thanks for the help!

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    Eric Vinje


    I’d think you’d get the best results growing avocado from seed with the addition of natural lighting. Placing your pits in a south facing window would be ideal, though west or east will work as well. I’d be concerned your seedlings may not be getting enough of the visible light spectrum in order to produce roots. LED lights produce a highly targeted spectrum, whereas natural sunlight produces a wide spectrum with many different colors of light.

    Hope this helps!

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