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  • Releasing Spidex Indoors

    Created by Ashley on

    I have some spider mites on some of my house plants. I just bought some Spidex, but I wanted to triple check:

    1) That they were ok to use on indoor plants. (And that they wouldn’t start biting me.)

    2) I was going to sprinkle them on all of my plants, just to be sure (even though it looks like only a bamboo palm and 3 drascenas are effected.)

    3) Do I need to bother sprinkling them on my succulents or cactuses? (I guess even if spider mites don’t eat succulents, if they’re hiding out on them they could still spread.)

    4) I also have a couple small carniverous plants. I know they’re extremely sensitive to soil and water. I assume I should just quarantine them, and not put the predatory mites on them?


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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Ashley –

    Yes! Spidex works great for indoor plants. Spider mite predators do not bite, no need to worry! I would sprinkle them over all of your plants, even cacti and succulents. For the carnivorous plants, quarantining would work. Treatment also shouldn’t harm them. What kind of carnivorous plants do you have? They might readily defend/consume any spider mites that have the gall to try and attack them.

    Hope this helps!

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