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  • How to Apply Beneficial Nematodes (Scanmask)

    Created by Mark on

    I live in Houston TX. Can Beneficial Nematodes be applied in the summer (90+ degF)? How often will I need to treat? (because these are living organisms, I’m expecting them to be self perpetuating, but want to be sure.) Thanks.

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Mark –

    Beneficial nematodes are easily applied using no specialized equipment. Simply scatter over the infested area, then water. One pint will cover 200-400 square feet and will persist in soil for approximately 18 months. Killing action begins 24 hours after application and thousands of NEW nematodes can be produced — and released — from a single infected host.

    Scanmask® is formulated to provide protection against UV light, heat and drying out. It has a shelf life of one year when refrigerated and can be applied most times of the year. However, to ensure full potency I recommend that you wait until temps drop down into the 80s before placing your order. I am concerned about how the package is handled en-route to you with such high temperatures. We’ve had some problems with shipments being left in the sun or a hot mailbox.

    Hope this helps!

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