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  • Can I use a hose-end sprayer w/ fish emulsion?

    Created by Deborah Noon on

    Could I apply liquid fish fertilizer to my lawn and landscaped areas with a hose end sprayer????

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Deborah –

    You bet! Fish emulsion has been around for years and is one of the best all-purpose fertilizers there is. We like them because the nutrients are so readily available which makes them as effective as synthetic formulas with higher N-P-K ratios. Because of this availability, liquid fish products can be easily applied as foliar sprays — sprayed over plant leaves. Surprisingly, plants take in nutrients more efficiently through stomata in their leaves than they do through their roots.

    We like to apply diluted fish emulsion every 1-2 weeks directly to the soil around the base of plants. This keeps nutrient levels constant and gives fantastic results. We suggest watering first and then apply the diluted solution to the manufacturer’s specifications, usually 1-3 Tbsp/ gallon. Note: Watering first helps wick the fertilizer down into and through the soil.

    For larger areas, you can use a self-mixing hose end sprayer. Simply pour the liquid concentrate into the spray bottle/ reservoir and set the dial for the suggested dilution rate (see product label). Attach to your garden hose and apply over the desired area. We’ve been known to go a little light on the nutrient-to-water ratio when applying every couple of weeks.

    Hope this helps!

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