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  • Elemental Sulfur Application

    Created by Ben Kepchar on

    If I am going to place topsoil on 8 AC of land, using approximately 5000 Cubic Yards of topsoil that will be screened and hauled, when is the best time to apply the 90% Elemental Sulfur? During screening/loading/hauling, or after placement and spreading of topsoil prior to seeding and stabilizing?

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Ben,

    Regarding your question on spreading the Elemental Sulfur, we suggest broadcasting it over the soil once it is down and then working it in for best results. I also got in touch with the Montana Sulfur Company and they confirmed adding in after the topsoil is laid out is the best way. For more specifics, visit our product description page at https://www.planetnatural.com/product/elemental-sulfur-50-lb/ .

    You can also contact the local Department of Agriculture for further questions and additional help.

    Good luck!

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