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  • Actinovate for lawn disease

    Created by Jwilkins7 on

    I want to apply this to my lawn to help prevent diseases in my grass. I want to use it in my organic lawn program. Wondering if you could tell when to apply it and how much and how. Live in western Pa. 15636 zip code. Right now I use Milogranite 4 times per year, dried granular molasses in spring, and HGH 10-3-2 Organic ferterlizer from April thru September every 4 weeks. Hope u can help me. Thank you, Jack

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    Eric Vinje

    Hello –

    Direct lawn watering:
    Mix 10 teaspoons of product in 5 gallons of water and apply to 1,000 sq ft of lawn. Thoroughly soak turf so as to move the solution to the root system. Avoid excess runoff or leaching.

    For best results, apply to damp soil and/or apply in conjunction with a wetting agent. Pre-dampened soil will allow the Actinovate® Lawn and Garden microorganism to work to the root system much more easily. Reapply at maintenance rate every 4–8 weeks.

    Hope this helps!

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