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  • Am I overreacting? Re: tick spray and hydroseeding

    Created by HomeOrganicsInMA on

    I am livid and basically devastated. I work really hard to keep a natural home and organic gardens. The ticks have been really bad this year so we decided we’d have to get an all-natural oil spray treatment like we did a couple years back. We even got the “ok” from our bee people (we have 2 hives). The company came yesterday and after they left we found out that they used – in error – their conventional, chemical spray. They use two pyrethroids which are extremely toxic to bees. I also keep organic gardens and I feel like they are totally ruined. In addition to the tick spray, my husband also decided he needed to get the lawn hydroseeded. He found some local guy who convinced him that he was all organic and he had it arranged without telling me. I came home today and our lawn is bright green!! I was so upset! Is there any way this is remotely natural?!

    I can only wait and see with the poor bees. But I feel like just giving up on my gardens this year. Am I overreacting? The in-ground garden isn’t planted yet. I have seeds/sprouts and dill in an elevated planter and some herbs growing back in the raised beds. So… I need some perspective here please! 🙂

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    If you are going for a certified organic garden, you may have some trouble. It can take quite awhile for pyrethriods to fully rid themselves of your garden. It may also strip honey you get from your bees of their organic title as well as trace amounts of the spray could possibly end up back at the hive. If you aren’t concerned about holding that title on your garden or honey, I wouldn’t worry too much about it as nothing else can really be done to reverse the damage done.
    As for the hydroseeding that happened, I can’t give an honest answer seeing as I’ve never had any experience with it. I would talk directly to the company so they can either confirm or deny certified organic practices.
    The bees however, should be just fine. We have a couple hives here in town and we have no idea what our neighbors are spraying around them, but they’ve survived it all.
    Keep your chin up!

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