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A living plant makes any house a cozy home.

Growing houseplants gives pro gardeners some off-season pleasure and makes beginning plant care manageable. Our expert articles will teach you how to provide ideal lighting, when to water, how to overwinter prized plants, and the best ways manage pest control and more. Fill up your windowsills!

How to Grow and Care for Dieffenbachia (Dumb Cane Plant)


Dieffenbachia, also known by its common name "dumb cane plant," is a captivating and popular houseplant that originates from the ...

How to Grow and Care for Pitcher Plant (Complete Guide)


Pitcher Plant is a fascinating species that belongs to a unique category of foliage known as carnivorous plants. These interesting ...

50 Desert Plants - 10 Most Common + 40 Others with Pics & Facts

Flower Gardens

In the world's most inhospitable landscapes, a botanical marvel unfolds—desert plants. These resilient plants, sculpted by the relentless sun and scarce ...

How to Grow and Care for San Pedro Cactus (Complete Guide)


San Pedro Cactus, scientifically known as Trichocereus pachanoi or Echinopsis pachanoi, is an extraordinary plant native to the Andes Mountains ...

35 Best Terrarium Plants for a Beautiful and Low-Maintenance Display


Are you ready to take your indoor garden to the next level and infuse it with magic? Look no further ...

34 Best Low Light Indoor Plants - Our Favorite Houseplants in 2024

Flower Gardens

Are you excited to infuse your interior with indoor plants, yet your space doesn't receive enough sunlight? Fear not, for you ...

How to Plant, Grow and Care for Desert Rose (Adenium Obesum)

Flower Gardens

Desert Rose plant, scientifically known as Adenium obesum, is a fascinating species that adds an exotic touch to any garden. ...

How to Grow and Care for Ficus Lyrata (Fiddle Leaf Fig)


Ficus Lyrata, commonly known as the Fiddle Leaf Fig, is a popular houseplant that has gained a lot of attention ...

Goldfish Plant Care: How to Grow and Care for Goldfish Plant


Goldfish plant is a stunning tropical plant that is a must-have for any indoor garden. With its vibrant orange flowers ...

How to Grow and Care for Crown of Thorns (Euphorbia milii)

Flower Gardens

Crown of Thorns, scientifically known as Euphorbia milii, is a remarkable and delightful plant that can be an excellent addition ...

How to Grow and Care for Peace Lily Plants - Complete Guide

Flower Gardens

What's not to love about a Peace Lily? They purify the air while bringing life and elegance to your home. ...

How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Rattlesnake Plant


Rattlesnake plant, scientifically known as Goeppertia insignis (formerly Calathea Lancifolia), is a stunning plant that can add a touch of ...