Shopping at Planet Natural

Site Requirements

Secure shopping is possible with all web browsers (4.0 or newer) at Cookies must be enabled in your browser’s preferences. To take advantage of all our site features, we recommend that you have JavaScript enabled as well.

Searching for Products

Our powerful search engine helps you find products quickly and easily. Use the simple process outlined below. You can search using the “Search” box on the homepage.

Using the Search Feature. Enter keywords or phrases into the “Search” box that describe the product, product attributes, or brand that you are searching for, then click the “Search” button.

Navigate by Product Groups and Product Categories. The left hand navigation menu contains organized links to product. If you would like to view all Indoor Garden Supplies, click on the product link. If you only want to view hydroponic systems, click on the “Hydroponic Systems” link.

The Search Results Page. uses a powerful search results page that can display products the way you want to view them.

General Search Result. The general search result page lists all products that match the specifications you searched for. The general search result page displays a small preview image of the product, and a short description of the product. If you would like to view more information and a larger image of the product click the image or the product link. If you would like to add the product to your shopping cart click the “Buy Now” button.

Viewing All Matching Products. If a large number of products match your search criteria, they will be displayed on multiple pages. Click the “Next Page” link to view the next page of products. If you would like to view all products on a single page click the “Show All” link.