Great American Rain Barrel – FAQ

Rain BarrelsHow do I open the barrel?

The lid is a screw top — left is loose. If the lid gets off its threads or hot weather causes the lid to stick use WD-40 and a friend to help unscrew the lid.

Where are the instructions, parts and diverter?

All parts and instructions are inside the barrel. If you ordered a diverter with your barrel it is shipped inside.

My lid is broken, How do I replace it?

Not all barrels have the same lid. If you need a replacement lid, please ship the damaged lid or email a clear photograph to us and we will send you a new one.

How do I replace my spigot?

Order a spigot directly from us.

My downspouts are too large for the Save the Rain Diverter.

At this time we only carry one size diverter. The diverter is designed so that you can crimp the sides of the downspouts to fit the diverter. This does not satisfy all customers.

My barrel is leaking?

If the leak is around the spigot or plugs use Teflon tape at the connection. If your spigot is leaking it will need to be replaced. If the barrel is leaking from a crack, empty the barrel, dry it and place duck tape inside the barrel over the crack.

I left my barrel out all winter and now it does not standup?

The shape of the barrel may have been distorted by ice and cannot be restored. The best solution is to build a stand to hold the barrel up.

I have connected two barrels together and the water will not flow into the second barrel?

For best results, place barrels side by side. Use a hose piece about 3-feet long. Sometimes it helps to elevate the first barrel.

How do I get more pressure?

You can use the drain hole at the bottom of the barrel for the spigot. It works best if you have the barrel elevated slightly.

Can I use the barrel to store drinking water?

NO! Standing water is a breeding ground for bacteria. The water collected from your gutters is not sterilized and the barrel is not sealed. Use the water in your barrel to offset your water needs. Do not use the barrel for drinking water.