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I also have used “Mighty Wash” successfully. I spray under and over the leaves every three days and that seemed to kill them and keep them away on my last flower. The reason for every three days is that after they lay the eggs, they hatch every three days and one of the first things they do is mate and lay more eggs then spin their web around the buds.
I start spraying the plants when they are in the Clone Stage after they start getting new leaves and tons of roots.
I also use Azamax in the water barrel.
After that harvest I used bleach in water and cleaned the ceilings, floors, and walls.
I took my buckets outside and cleaned them with hot water, Peroxide and blew them off with my pressure washer.
For the Hydrotron I used 35% Hydrogen Peroxide to clean it. Let it soak an a container then drained and flushed it a few times.
I hooked everything up in my flower room and put thirty gallons of water in my barrel and added two cups of Peroxide. I then ran my fill and drain every hour for thirty minuets.
I am bad at keeping leaves off the floor that drop. I need to keep them picked up from the floor and inside the top of the buckets. Think I will put my shop vac out there to do that.
I read the mites are attracted to the dead leaves from a long way off.
I am going to also get one of them timed sprayers that goes off from time to time. I did that in the past, however that was one of the things my crook Helper stole from me so I need to get another one.
This Flower group, I noticed one web around a flower on the bottom and let loose the whole bag of lady bugs yesterday. I will see if they got the little buggers before they got out of control.
Awhile ago I did have a serious infestation. I had used lady bugs and it seemed to slow them down.
But when they get out of control I think even the lady bugs cannot eat that many. I then noticed the lady bugs were gone.
I then did get forty thousand Predator Mites and let them loose. That seemed to work and after one week I did not see any of the regular Mites scurring around. I saw some Predator Mites however and they dissapeared. Must have run out of food and left or died out.
One final word of advice. Do not Sprinkle the Predator Mites on top or on the buds or leaves of the plants. They come in this fine ground corn meal. The Tiny flecks of corn meal sticks to the BUDS and it does not look good to someone smoking it.
If you want to get the webs off the flowers, use a soft bristle paint or bottle brush and kind of wind the brush around as you brush the flowers.
For me it does not matter that much. I make most of my stuff into Rick Simpson Oil, “RSO”. Any remaining critters get soaked in Alcohol and that kills them. It getts filtered twice before I put it in the rice cooker.
Then they get killed in the Rice Cooker as I cook the Alcohol off to make the Oil.
I think once you get infested it is almost impossible not to get them into your grow and flower room again.
They actually start in the grow/veg stage and seem to hide real good. I vegged some plants last year for three months till they got 36″ tall. I never saw them untill they went into flower.
So, good luck. Joe