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Eric Vinje

Hi Chemille –

At this point I suggest pruning away the diseased/ infested portions of your plants or pulling everything up and starting over. Throw the trimmings in the trash so as not to spread the fungus. If it’s legal in your area you can also burn the material. Do NOT put the pruned plant material in your compost pile where the spores will have a chance to overwinter and later be spread in your garden. If you do replant consider the following:

• Select plants that are disease resistant when possible
• Provide plenty of room between plants so that air can circulate between leaves and stems
• Water plants close to their base, rather than from the top, and water early in the day to give excess moisture a chance to evaporate from the leaves
• Inspect plants frequently for pests/ disease and treat with an organic product when a problem is found
— Visit our Pest Problem Solver (https://www.planetnatural.com/pest-problem-solver/) for pictures, descriptions and a complete list of earth-friendly remedies

Hope this helps!