Canna Lily Guide: How to Grow and Care for Canna Bulbs

Grow vibrant canna lilies effortlessly with expert tips! Hardy, deer-resistant, and versatile, these tropical beauties thrive in various climates.

Canna Lily Plant Care

Canna lilies, perennial tropical wonders, thrive in full sun with rich compost and moist soil. Revel in vibrant blooms, from yellow to bronze Tropicannas.


Canna lilies thrive in full sun, demanding 6+ hours daily. Tropicannas tolerate some shade, but vibrant hues fade without ample sunlight. Optimal for radiant blooms.


Create an ideal soil mix for canna lilies by enriching it with organic matter and ample compost. Foster a hospitable environment for robust rhizomes and bulbs.


Canna lilies flourish with moisture in the growing season. While they prefer moist soil, avoid overwatering to prevent rhizome rot. Maintain a balanced watering approach.

Temperature and Humidity

Canna lilies thrive in a climate with warm temperatures – they love full sun and heat. Anything below 50°F can cause damage to the cannas.


Cannas, and specifically canna lilies, have a voracious appetite and thrive when provided with plenty of compost at the start of their growing season.


Enhance canna lilies' beauty with regular pruning. Deadhead to stimulate more blooms and trim stems/foliage for shaping and size control during the growing season.


For winter care, trim canna foliage after the first frost, cut rhizomes, clean, and dry. Store in peat moss in a cool, moist space like a basement to prevent drying.

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