How to Plant, Grow and Care for Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily)

Grow vibrant Alstroemerias with ease! Adaptable to various climates, these Peruvian lilies bring long-lasting beauty to gardens and bouquets.

Alstroemeria Plant Care

Thriving in full sun, well-drained soil, and with tuberous roots, Peruvian lilies reward with colorful blooms. Optimal care ensures their resilience.


Alstroemeria thrives in full sun for profuse blooms; provide afternoon shade in heat, but in colder zones, maximize sunlight for vibrant colors and growth.


Alstroemeria thrives in well-drained soil; prioritize good drainage to prevent root rot. In pots, use well-draining mix. Consider raised beds in rainy areas for optimal growth


Alstroemeria, with moderate drought tolerance, thrives in well-drained soil. Avoid excess watering to prevent root rot, reduce in frost-prone zones for dormancy.

Temperature and Humidity

Alstroemeria thrives in a temperate climate like their South American origins, preferring 65–80°F during the growing season from early spring to July.


Alstroemerias, with vibrant blooms, require moderate fertilizer during the growing season (April-July) for lush foliage and diverse, colorful flower formation.


Alstroemeria requires minimal pruning, as wilting blooms naturally tidy themselves, reducing the need for extensive maintenance compared to other perennials.


Protect Alstroemeria tubers from freezing in colder zones by digging them up before the first hard freeze, allowing drying, and replanting in spring.

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