Purr-fectly Safe: Cat Safe Indoor Plants Your Cat Will Love

Create an indoor jungle for your cat with cat-friendly plants like catnip, spider plants, and mint. Keep both your kitty and houseplants happy!

Cat Grass

Grow cat grass (oats, barley, or wheat) in a 4-6" pot with moderate light. Succession plant for a constant supply, aiding digestion and distracting cats from houseplants.

Cat Thyme

Cat thyme, resembling thyme and germander, with silver leaves irresistible to cats. Grow in a 10" pot with bright light to induce playfulness in your cat's haven.


Not all cats respond to catnip; try valerian. Bright to indirect light, 10" pot, induces euphoric playfulness like catnip. Fragrant and sweet-smelling delight!

Silver Vine

Silver vine from Asia, with silver-tipped leaves, attracts more cats than catnip. Grow in bright light, 10" pot for euphoric playfulness—ideal cat entertainment!

Spider Plant

Cat-friendly spider plant, thriving in indirect light and well-draining soil, adds charm to your indoor cat garden. Air-purifying and ideal for USDA Zones 9-11.


Cat-friendly basil, non-toxic and culinary, thrives in sunlight and well-drained soil. A seasoning superstar and indoor companion, perfect for USDA Zones 10-11.

Areca Palm

Stylish and cat-safe, the areca palm with feathery fronds thrives in bright, indirect light. Ideal for USDA Zones 10-12, adds tropical elegance to your cat's haven.


Cat-friendly Calathea with vibrant foliage thrives in low to bright indirect light and consistently moist soil. Ideal for USDA Zones 10-12 or as a captivating houseplant.

Lemon Balm

Cat-friendly lemon balm, safe for feline friends. Partial shade, well-drained soil. Adds a zesty touch to your cat's green retreat. Ideal for USDA Zones 4-9.

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