Sow and Grow: The 12 Easiest Flowers for Seed Starting

Embark on a floral journey this year, trade the store haul for seed enchantment. Grow blooms from tiny seeds, a magical gardening adventure awaits!

Black-Eyed Susans

Black-Eyed Susans, beloved in zones 3-10, flaunt golden blooms with brown centers, radiating joy and luring butterflies, painting gardens with nature's charm.

Bradbury’s Bee Balm

Sun-loving perennial native to Eastern U.S., zones 5-8. Fluffy blush flowers with purple spots attract beneficial insects. A garden win-win!

‘Cupcake Blush’ Cosmos

Cosmos, a garden favorite in zones 2-11, 'Cupcake Blush' offers elegant, low-maintenance beauty with large, pale pink blooms and fern-like foliage.

‘Fiesta Blend’ Nasturtium

Nasturtiums thrive in zones 9-11, easy to grow and act as companion plant champions. Vibrant blooms, large leaves, attract beneficial insects, enrich soil

Hungarian Breadseed Poppies

Hardy annual poppies, zones 7-10, offer vibrant papery blooms in various colors. Sprouting on snow, they add ornamental charm with flowers and seed pods

Lance-leaved Coreopsis

Cheerful native wildflower for zones 3-9 in Canada and the U.S. Bright yellow petals attract beneficial insects, adding easy, delightful charm to your garden

‘Purple Sensation’ Allium

Easy-to-grow alliums from seed in zones 4-9 emit a mild oniony scent. Showy purple flower balls add beauty and functionality, repelling aphids as well.

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