Plumbago Plants: How to Grow and Care for Plumbago

Cape Plumbago: A stunning evergreen shrub from South Africa, flourishing in South Florida. Year-round blooms, deer-resistant, and butterfly-friendly. Perfect for cottage gardens.

Plumbago Plant Care

Cape Plumbago: Versatile evergreen for various landscapes. Thrives in full to part sun, needs well-drained soil to prevent root diseases.


Cape Plumbago, the sun-loving sky flower, hails from South Africa, thriving in full sun. Adaptable to part sun conditions, it brings warmth to any landscape.


Cape Plumbago flourishes in well-drained soil, preventing root issues. Forgiving and adaptable, it prefers slightly acidic to neutral, rich, loamy soil for optimal growth.


Cape Plumbago, forgiving in water needs, thrives in regular watering but boasts impressive drought resistance. Deep watering in hot summers enhances vibrant white blooms.

Temperature and Humidity

Cape plumbago flourishes in South Florida's warmth, sensitive to frost. Thrives in well-drained soil, requires frost-free conditions for optimal growth.


Cape plumbago prefers modest fertilizer, thriving in well-drained soil. Apply slow-release fertilizer in spring for optimal growth, preventing water stagnation.


Prune Cape plumbago after blooming to control size and stimulate new growth. Remove dead or diseased wood for optimal soil drainage and plant health.

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