10 Minimalist Home Challenges for a Happier You

Embrace minimalism, redefine happiness! 10 challenges to simplify your life, from fashion to gadgets. Declutter your space for a happier, intentional home journey.

Halve Your Decorations

Simplify your space, embrace simplicity. Remove half the decor, store in designated area. Francis Jourdain: furnish by subtracting, not adding.

Hand-Washing Dishes After Meals

Find peace in hand-washing dishes for a month. Create a mindful ritual, play music or a podcast for an enjoyable closure after meals.

Keep One Television

Optimize family space by testing one TV. Experience less screen time, enhanced focus. If successful, make it a permanent setup for quality family moments.

Kitchen Gadgets Simplification

Revive cooking joy: declutter kitchen gadgets. Store extras away for a tidy space. Keep essentials handy for smoother, stress-free meal prep.

Leave a Corner Empty in a Room

Embrace empty spaces. Leave a corner bare for a month; simplicity has its charm. If it resonates, make it a permanent minimalist feature.

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