Learn Raised Bed Gardening – Avoid These 10 Common Mistakes

Avoid raised bed blunders! Optimize drainage, soil, and maintenance for a thriving veggie paradise. Transform your garden with these tips!

Bed Location Blunder

Optimize your garden by placing raised beds in sunny spots for 6+ hours of sunlight daily. Sketch your layout for easy access and organization.

Crowded Crops Catastrophe

Ensure plants have adequate space to thrive; consult seed packets for recommended spacing. Optimize layout with a grid system for efficient use of space.

Drainage Disaster

Keep plants happy by ensuring good drainage. Choose level ground, avoid low spots, and add gravel to the bottom for optimal water flow.

Incorrect Bed Dimensions

Plan your raised bed dimensions wisely. Keep width under 4 feet for easy access. Depth varies; aim for 12 inches to suit most plants.

Insufficient Irrigation

Check raised bed daily in hot weather. Soil should be moist but not soggy. Water at base, not leaves. Invest in a moisture meter for accuracy.

Lining Loathsome

Plastic lining invites slugs, opt for natural barriers like cardboard under mulch. Repurpose old carpets for effective weed control in raised beds.

Nutrient Neglect 

Compost alone isn't enough. Mix with potting soil for balanced nutrients. Add organic fertilizer yearly for optimal growth in raised beds.

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