Love Bugs: What are They and How to Get Rid of Them?

Love bugs, harmless yet troublesome insects, swarm in parts of Central America and the southeastern US, causing visibility issues for drivers.

What are Love Bugs?

Love bugs, or Plecia nearctica, swarm in US southern regions during spring and late summer, known for their distinctive red and black appearance.

Lifecycle of a Love Bug

Love bugs lay eggs in decaying organic matter. After hatching, larvae feed on it, aiding decomposition for up to nine months.

What Do Love Bugs Look Like?

Love bugs, with black bodies and red thoraxes, are easily identifiable by their distinctive appearance, measuring about a quarter-inch in length.

Where Do They Go?

Love bugs, non-migratory, lay eggs in decaying vegetation. Larvae burrow into the ground, emerging as adults, favoring grassy areas near water.

What Attracts Love Bugs?

Love bugs are drawn to heat and vibrations, making them active around vehicles and machinery during warm periods of the day.

How To Get Rid Of Love Bugs

Maintaining a Clean Environment

Love bugs are attracted to heat, decomposing plant matter, and fresh paint smell. Keep surroundings clean to deter infestation.

Clean Up Yard Debris

Prevent love bug infestation by regularly clearing yard debris like leaves and grass clippings, which serve as breeding grounds.

Use an Insect Spray

Control love bugs with insect spray, best applied early morning or late evening when they're active. Target congregating areas and breeding sites.

Vacuum To Physically Remove

To tackle love bug infestations, physically remove them, especially in specific areas, using a vacuum cleaner for effective control.

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