Green Thumb, Healthy You: 10 Tips to Make Gardening a Healthier Hobby

Unlock the full potential of gardening for health and happiness with these 10 expert tips! Boost mood, stay active, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Pick Up the Pace Gradually

Gardening offers a great workout! Start slow, gradually increase intensity. Focus on tasks that engage upper/lower body. Listen to your body.

Lift That Bale with Care

Protect your back while lifting heavy bags of mulch or soil. Bend knees, keep back straight, and let leg muscles do the work. Use buckets for smaller loads

Be Sun Savvy

Boost vitamin D safely: Take supplements or eat foods like salmon. Protect skin: Use SPF 30 sunscreen, wear hat, long sleeves, and avoid peak sun hours.

Glove Up

Protect yourself from garden hazards with long, cuffed leather gloves. For wet conditions, layer waterproof gloves over regular ones. Safety first!

Mask Up (if needed)

Reduce allergy symptoms while gardening: Wear a mask similar to those used for COVID-19 to filter out pollen and mold spores. Stay safe and breathe easy!

Grow with Others

Enhance your gardening experience: Join a gardening club or community garden for social connections. Share your harvest with neighbors or donate to food banks.

Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated while gardening: Keep a water bottle handy and take frequent sips to prevent dehydration, especially on hot days. Your body will thank you!

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