Easy to Grow Flowers: 10 Kinds of Flowers Anyone Can Grow

Discover 10 easy-care flowers to cultivate a vibrant garden without the hassle! From sunny balconies to shady corners, bloom with minimal effort!


Catmint: sun-loving perennial with silvery-blue foliage & purple flowers. Butterfly & bee magnet, deer & rabbit resistant. Compact varieties available.


Coleus: vibrant foliage adds color to containers. Shades from chartreuse to fiery red. Thrives in sun or shade. Pinch flowers for best display.

Coral Bells

Coral bells: colorful foliage in shades from chartreuse to nearly black. Dainty white flowers attract hummingbirds. Prefers afternoon shade in hot climates.


Daffodils: cheerful spring bulbs, easy to care for and rodent-resistant. Various sizes, bright yellow blooms. Sign of spring, return yearly with minimal effort.


Impatiens: shade-tolerant blooms in various colors, flowering until first frost. New Guinea & Bounce series resist downy mildew. SunPatiens hybrids tolerate some sun.


Lantana: sun-loving shrub with vibrant blooms in pink, peach, white, & yellow. Attracts butterflies & bees. Heat & drought tolerant. Survives winter in warmer zones.


Marigolds: easy-care, sun-loving annuals in gold, lemon yellow, and fiery orange. Continuous bloom until first frost. Pest-resistant, perfect for beginner gardeners.

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