Coleus Guide: How to Grow and Care for Coleus Plants

Discover the beauty of coleus plants - vibrant foliage, versatile growth habits, and easy care. Perfect for gardens or as stunning houseplants.

Coleus Plant Care

Grow vibrant coleus in well-draining soil, post-frost. Their lush foliage adds flair to containers or landscapes in sun or shade.


Versatile coleus thrives in various light conditions; vibrant colors emerge in partial shade. Indoors, ensure bright, indirect light for dense, upright growth.


Grow coleus in well-draining soil to prevent root rot. Opt for compost-rich soil at planting for lush growth and vibrant, dense foliage.


Coleus thrive with regular watering, especially in dry late summers. Use well-draining soil and pots to prevent root rot. Let the top inch dry before watering;

Temperature and Humidity

Coleus thrives in 60-85°F temperatures; maintain higher humidity for vibrant foliage. Protect from cold, bringing outdoors indoors pre-first frost.


Feed vibrant coleus every two weeks with balanced, water-soluble fertilizer for stunning foliage. Avoid over-fertilization to maintain its unique structure.


Prune coleus for dense, colorful foliage. Pinch tips early for bushiness, remove flower spikes in late summer, and trim unhealthy leaves to deter pests and disease.

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