20 Smartest Animals in the World (And What Makes Them Smart)

Discover the diverse spectrum of animal intelligence! From problem-solving to emotional depth, explore the top 20 smartest species on Earth.


Chimpanzees exhibit remarkable intelligence through complex social structures, tool usage, and problem-solving abilities within their dynamic communities.


Orangutans, native to Indonesian and Malaysian rainforests, display exceptional intelligence, seen in their adept tool usage for problem-solving in the wild.


Bonobos exhibit remarkable emotional intelligence and cognitive abilities, seen in their complex social structures and adept tool usage for problem-solving.


Dolphins display remarkable intelligence, using tools like marine sponges for foraging and communicating through clicks, whistles, and body movements.


Elephants, with their complex social structures and remarkable memory, showcase exceptional intelligence beyond their large brain size.

Raven, Crow & Magpie

Ravens, crows, and magpies, part of the Corvidae family, showcase remarkable intelligence with problem-solving skills, tool usage, and complex social behaviors


Domestic cats display intelligence through problem-solving, adaptability, and learning abilities, evident in their hunting behaviors and capacity for long-term memory.


Squirrels exhibit impressive cognitive abilities, navigating complex environments and adapting behaviors for efficient foraging, showcasing their intelligence.


Rats possess remarkable intelligence, demonstrated through their problem-solving abilities, social behavior, and impressive capacity for learning and memory.


Goats exhibit surprising intelligence and cognitive sophistication, demonstrated by their excellent long-term memory, crucial for survival in their natural habitats.

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