What is Yellow Watermelon? And How to Grow it Easily at Home

Yellow watermelons are just as natural as their red counterparts, with a delicate and mellow, sweet flavor that features subtle notes of honey and apricot.

What is Yellow Watermelon?

As you might expect, the name ‘yellow watermelon’ refers to the variety’s beautiful, bright golden flesh. Both the red and yellow varieties have the same striped green rind on the outside.

Is Yellow Watermelon Natural?

Yes, a yellow watermelon is just as natural as a red watermelon! Although you may be more familiar with the latter, yellow meat watermelon was actually cultivated first and has been grown in Africa for nearly 5,000 years.

Yellow Watermelon Plant Care

Flavor is sometimes overlooked in the pursuit of breeding watermelons with fewer seeds and faster maturing time. This is definitely not the case with yellow watermelon plants.


Watermelon plants in yellow require a full day of sunlight. Put them in a sunny spot apart from any nearby buildings or trees that can cast shade on these juicy, yellow fruits.


The best soil to grow yellow watermelons in is one that is rich and sandy. This will also give you the healthiest harvest with the tastiest fruit, especially if they receive adequate levels of sunlight as we mentioned above.

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