What is an Earwig and How to Get Rid of Them Effectively

Learn how to identify and effectively get rid of earwigs — in gardens and potted plants — using proven, natural and organic techniques.

What is an Earwig?

Earwigs are members of the insect Order Dermaptera and are recognized by their slender bodies and rarely used wings. Their name comes from an old European myth that says

How to Identify Earwigs?

Earwigs are slender red-brown insects (3/4 inch long) with elongated, flattened bodies distinguished by a pair of sharp pincers or forceps protruding from their abdomen at the tail end,

Life Cycle of an Earwig

Adults overwinter in the soil. Females lay 20-50 cream-colored eggs in underground nests during January and February, and the newly hatched young (nymphs) first appear in April.

Where Do Earwigs Live?

In terms of habitat, earwigs look for environments with moisture and humidity. So outside, they can be found under piles of wet leaves, lawn debris, mulch, or in tree holes.

Are Earwigs Dangerous to Humans?

While earwigs may be menacing in appearance, they are harmless to humans. Besides not crawling into people’s ears at night, earwigs do not spread diseases either.

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