What is a Pink Pineapple? Where to Buy It? (Complete Guide)

Have you ever come across a pineapple with pink flesh? If not, let me introduce you to the fascinating world of pink pineapples.

What is a Pink Pineapple?

As you might have guessed, Pink Pineapple is a variant of the standard pineapple plant. It is popularly known for its pink-colored flesh which is said to be sweeter than the standard pineapple.

Uses of Pink Pineapple

Pink Pineapple is not just a pretty plant, but it is also versatile in its uses. They can be eaten fresh, dried, or used in various dishes like salads, jams, and much more. Pink Pineapple can also be used to make cocktails and smoothies.

Genetic Modification and FDA Approval

Lycopene and Beta Carotene In my research, I discovered that the pink coloration of the genetically modified pineapple comes from the presence of lycopene, which naturally occurs in other fruits, such as tomatoes and watermelons.

Safety and GMO Foods

As for the safety of this product, I found out that the FDA has approved genetically modified pink pineapples as safe for consumption.

Where Can I Buy a Pink Pineapple?

While researching these beautiful fruits, I learned that Pinkglow® pineapples are not readily available in all local markets due to their carefully controlled cultivation and distribution.

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