Water Bugs: What Are They Exactly and How to Get Rid of Them

True water bugs (Lethocerus americanus) belong to the order Hemiptera, while cockroaches are part of Blattodea. But despite this difference, it’s easy to understand why we use this term interchangeably.

What is a Water Bug?

True water bugs (Lethocerus americanus) are aquatic insects that are native to the United States and Canada and belong to the family Belostomatidae.

What Does a Water Bug Look Like?

Any pest referred to as a water bug typically has a hardback, is tan to dark brown in color, has antennae, and is rounded or beetle-like in shape.

Water Bug vs Cockroaches

Water bugs and cockroaches are different kinds of insects. The giant water bug (or ‘true’ water bug) is the largest ‘true bug’ and a member of the order Hemiptera.

Where Do Water Bugs Come From?

If you’re seeing water bugs inside your home, then they’re most likely not true water bugs (or giant water bugs) but rather cockroaches.

Do Water Bugs Bite?

True water bugs do in fact bite and their bites can cause damage, and even lead to allergic reactions. But the ones found indoors, such as Oriental cockroaches, don’t bite but they can still be quite harmful.

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