Types of Lilies: 18 Stunning Lily Species for Your Garden

In this article, as a master gardener, I’ll share the top 18 types of lilies you should consider growing. I’ll cover what makes them special and why you should consider them for your garden.

1. Asiatic Lilies

Exuding elegance and vivacity in every bloom, Asiatic lilies are a cultivar that brings the charm of Asia to gardens across Europe and the globe.

2. Oriental Lilies

The Oriental Lily, known for its elegance and fragrance, is a cherished gem of any summer garden. Its trumpet-shaped flowers, often in shades of bright orange or white, bloom late in the season, creating a vibrant display from late summer through early fall.

3. Tiger Lilies

Tiger lilies, known by their botanical name, Lilium lancifolium, are vibrant bright orange blossoms that add a splash of color to any summer garden.

4. Trumpet Lilies

Any gardener would appreciate the elegance and beauty that Trumpet lilies bring to a summer garden. These lilies are renowned for their large, trumpet-shaped flowers, typically in shades of bright orange or white, hence their common name.

5. Easter Lilies

As a master gardener, I’m always excited to share what I know about the elegance and beauty of the Lilium longiflorum, more commonly known by its common name, the Easter Lily.

6. Madonna Lilies

The Madonna Lily is an ancient flower with a fragrance that evokes elegance and refinement. Its botanical name, Lilium candidum, is derived from its stunning white blooms that boast an exceptional purity.

7. Leopard Lilies

Commonly known by its common name, the Leopard Lily, Lilium pardalinum is a late spring to early summer bloomer that adds a touch of wild elegance to any garden.

8. Martagon lilies

The Martagon lily, widely known by the common name ‘Turk’s cap lily’, brings a unique elegance to any summer garden. Its characteristic feature is the array of fragrant blooms it produces which are often trumpet-shaped flowers.

9. Michigan Lilies

There is an elegance that Michigan Lilies bring to any summer garden. Easy to cultivate and rewarding to grow, these lilies are cherished for their vibrant, bright orange, trumpet-shaped flowers, often accentuated with white petals.

10. Wood Lilies

Wood Lilies, also known by their botanical name Lilium philadelphicum, are a splendor expression of Nature’s elegance.

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