Top Low-Maintenance Grass Alternatives for Your Backyard

 if you’re looking for more information on the right grass alternative for your backyard, this article sorts them by type to help narrow down the options to find the right low-maintenance lawn alternatives that’ll suit your needs.

Why Plant Grass Alternatives Instead of Turf Grass?

Mosses, thymes, yarrow, chamomile, and others perform most of the functions that turf-grass does: you can mow them, walk on them, barbeque on them, whatever.

Top Grass Alternatives by Type

Ornamental Grasses Ornamental grasses differ from turfgrasses in that they’re not meant to be mown. Instead, they grow into distinctive shapes — tufts, sprays, and stands, or flowing, shimmering sweeps.

Shade Loving Grass Alternatives

Moss In lower, cooler areas, moss can make a beautiful groundcover. It is not as resilient as most grasses, but it’s certainly able to withstand occasional foot traffic.

Sun Loving Grass Alternatives

Creeping Thyme Several varieties of creeping thyme will form dense, ground-level mats in sunny or partly-sunny locations.

Low Water Ground Covers

Clover Clover is another great nitrogen-fixing alternative that’s really affordable as well! It does best in poor soil, so even if you have low or below-average soil in your backyard, you can rest assured that clover will work well there.

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