Top 15 Flowering Plants to Propagate Through Stem Cuttings

Embarking on a journey into the world of blossoms is like unlocking nature’s secret of perpetual beauty. While sowing seeds is a time-honored tradition, there’s a quicker, more magical route to a flourishing garden – propagation from cuttings.

African Violets

African Violets, known for their vibrant, velvety petals, are easily propagated by cutting healthy leaves with a 2-3 inch leafy stalk. Insert the stalk into moist compost and sand, ensuring a 70-degree angle.


With their delicate blooms, begonias are propagated by taking 1-inch cuttings and gently pressing them into a moistened potting mix. Place away from direct sunlight in a warm, humid spot until roots form, then transplant.


Dianthus, also known as Sweet William, can be propagated by taking 3-4 inch stem cuttings and planting them in well-draining soil. Ensure they receive plenty of sunlight!


Regrow geraniums by placing 6-inch cuttings in a jar of water, ensuring the leaves are above the waterline. Once roots develop, transplant them into the soil and watch these colorful blooms flourish.


Cut 4-inch tips from Hydrangea plants, leaving two to three pairs of leaves. Plant in moist rooting soil, cover with plastic and trim leaves to prevent moisture loss. This results in beautiful, easy-to-propagate shrubs.


Lavender, a fragrant herb, is propagated by taking 3-inch tip cuttings in early spring. Root them in a cold frame and transplant them into garden beds after 4-6 weeks. Enjoy the soothing aroma and lovely lavender hues.


Roses, the epitome of romance, are propagated from 12-inch hardwood cuttings in the fall. Plant in a favorite location, water thoroughly until winter, and witness the growth of these timeless and elegant flowers.


With their unique snap-like blooms, Snapdragons are propagated by taking 4-6 inch stem cuttings. Plant in well-draining soil, and water consistently, and enjoy a burst of color in your garden.


With their vibrant and diverse blooms, Zinnias are quickly grown from seeds or cuttings. Take 4-6-inch stem cuttings, plant in well-draining soil, and marvel at the explosion of color in your garden.


Carnations, known for their ruffled blooms, can be propagated by taking 4-6 inch stem cuttings. Plant in fertile, well-draining soil, and provide adequate sunlight for these classic beauties.

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