Tomato Gardening 101: What’s the Best Soil for Tomatoes?

Everyone knows that home garden tomatoes taste an order of magnitude better than ones that come from the grocery store’s shelves. They are fresher, juicier, sweeter, and just plain delicious.

Essentials for Tomato Gardening



More than anything, tomatoes need sun. Full sun, for that matter, and no less than 8-hours per day. If your garden plot receives less than ideal amounts of sunshine (and the warmth it provides).


As with most garden vegetables, they do well in well-drained, fertile, sandy loam with a soil pH of 5.8 to 7.0. Fortunately, tomato plants do well in almost all types of soil except heavy clay soil.


How much space you’ll need per plant depends on the tomato variety you are growing and whether or not your plants are staked or caged.

Where to Plant Tomatoes

Traditionally, it has been recommended that plants in the same family (in this case the Solanaceae Family) should not be planted near each other or in the same ground as the previous year.

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