The Best Reel Mowers for Your Lawns in 2023 + Buying Guide

Reel lawn mowers can be a wise choice for yard maintenance because they are relatively inexpensive, quiet, and easy to maintain. Plus, they only take up only a fraction of the space required by a typical mower.

What is a Reel Mower?

A reel mower has vertically spinning blades. This differs from the majority of lawnmowers, known as rotary mowers, in which the blade spins horizontally.

How Does a Reel Mower Work?

Most motorized push mowers use rotary blades. The cutting edge is parallel to the ground and goes around and around in a clockwise motion (or maybe it’s counter-clockwise, but you get the point).

Things to Consider When Buying a Reel Mower

Size and Terrain  Reel lawn mowers are best used in smaller, level yards. The wider a mower is, the harder it will be to push.

Weed Control

Push reel mowers tend to run over tall weeds, like dandelion flowers, rather than cut them. But a reel lawn mower makes weed control easier. You’ll want to inspect your lawn for obstructions as you mow. A rock can chip mower blades.

Other Features

To increase comfort when mowing medium-sized lawns, some reel lawn mower models feature ergonomic, cushioned handles, attached grass collection bins, and other features.

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