The Best Hanging Plants in 2023 + How and Where to Hang Them

Hanging plants can not only add stunning decor to your living space but they’re also quite useful. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to add plants to a small space, by making the most of available space by hanging the plants.

What are Hanging Plants?

A hanging plant is a type of houseplant that is suspended from the ceiling or another surface and suspended in the air. These plants come in various shapes.

Where to Hang Indoor Hanging Plants

Some plants prefer full light near a window, while others prefer partial shade. This will help you determine where to hang your plant. Also, take into account how much room your hanging plant needs.

How to Hang Plants Properly and Safely

Be aware that hanging baskets full of plants and moist soil can be quite heavy. If you hang your plant, you don’t want it to tumble from the wall or the ceiling.

How to Water Hanging Plants

Most of the time, hanging plants need watering more often than plants that are on the ground. This is a result of the air being warmer and drier above than below.

10 Best Hanging Plants for Your Home

If you’re looking for some beautiful hanging plants, here are 10 of the best hanging plants for your home:

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