Sago Palm: A Complete Care and Safety Guide with Photos – 2023

Sago palms are relatively low-growing plants with long green fronds. They’re beautiful and unique, adding a touch of tropical vibes to any space. Do you want this palm tree-like plant in your collection? Keep reading to learn how to properly care for them.

What Is a Sago Palm Plant?

Despite the name and palm tree-like appearance, sago palm plants actually aren’t true palms at all. Instead, they’re more closely related to pine trees.

How Fast Does a Sago Palm Grow?

Sago palms are extremely slow-growing plants. They can grow up to 10 feet tall. However, it could take them up to 50 years to reach that height

What Are the Different Types of Sago Palm?

There are several species of sago palms, according to their appearance and how big they grow. – King sago palm – The king sago palm, or cycas revoluta, is the most widely cultivated species. These plants are quite small, growing only up to 8 feet tall and wide, making them great as indoor plants.

How to Propagate Sago Palms

Propagating sago palms by planting seeds is actually a long and usually ineffective process. In our experience, it’s quicker and easier to propagate this plant through division.

Sago Palm Care Tips

A sago palm is quite low-maintenance, so you shouldn’t see many dying leaves if it’s happy. To ensure that you keep these cycads happy, here are some sago palm care tips:

1. Ensure Your Soil Has Good Drainage

Sago palms like well-draining soil that’s rich in organic matter. Choose a good soil mix that allows proper drainage since these plants don’t like too-dry or soggy soil.

2. Avoid Putting Sago Palms in Direct Sunlight

Sago palms prefer bright, indirect light. This makes them great container plants grown indoors or outdoors — as long as they’re sheltered from harsh sunlight.

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