Prepping Your Garden for Winter: November’s Must-Do List

Hey there, fellow green thumbs! November may usher  in cooler weather, but it’s no time to hang up your gardening gloves. Your garden still needs some love before the winter chill sets in.

Add Compost for Soil Enrichment

To supercharge your soil, apply a layer of compost after your fall cleanup. Hack: Create your compost by recycling kitchen scraps and yard waste, providing your garden with eco-friendly nutrients.

Cut Back Perennials

As autumn sets in, trim your perennials down to the ground, making it easier to prepare for spring. Hack: Save the trimmings for crafting a stunning fall bouquet or other creative projects.

Relocate Perennials

November is the perfect time to move your perennials. If you’re separating, find natural separation points, and for transplants, ensure they get regular watering until the ground freezes.

Fertilize Before Winter

Strengthen your plants’ roots by giving them a final feeding. Follow the instructions on your chosen fertilizer carefully. Hack: Opt for organic fertilizers for a sustainable garden and long-term soil health.

Keep the Fallen Leaves in Your Garden

Allowing dried leaves to remain in your garden can have several benefits. While some gardeners prefer a tidy look, leaving this natural debris can be a valuable choice.

Mulch Using Cut Leaves or Fallen Leaves

Another option: instead of leaving dried leaves in your garden, consider using them as a natural mulch. Spread a layer of fallen leaves around your plants to help retain moisture, regulate soil temperature.

Plant Spring Bulbs

Plant spring-blooming bulbs like daffodils and tulips before the ground freezes. Follow packaging guidelines for proper planting depth and spacing—hack: Group bulbs in clusters for a dramatic and colorful spring display.

Preserve Perennial Bulbs

After digging up your perennial bulbs, ensure they are clean and dry before storing them in a dry place. Hack: Label your storage containers to keep track of different bulb varieties.

Pull Out Annuals

Remove all annual plants to prevent them from self-seeding and creating weed problems in the next season. Hack: If the annuals are disease-free, compost them for eco-friendly disposal or transplant them indoors in pots.

Protect Delicate Shrubs

Safeguard vulnerable shrubs from winter damage using plant bags or burlap. Be gentle while wrapping to avoid bud damage. Hack: Add holiday lights to your shrub covers for a festive garden look.

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