Palmetto Bug Or Cockroach: Differences & How to Kill Them

A palmetto bug is a  common name used to describe various different types of cockroaches.

What Is A Palmetto Bug?

The term palmetto bug can refer to three species of cockroaches, depending on where you live. In Florida, the term palmetto bug refers to the Florida woods cockroach. In South Carolina, smoky brown cockroaches are called palmetto bugs.

Why Is It Called A Palmetto Bug?

Palmetto bugs frequently live in palmetto trees, a tropical plant that grows in the southeastern United States, including Florida and South Carolina.

What is the difference between a cockroach and a palmetto bug?

American cockroaches (Periplaneta Americana) are called palmetto bugs in the southeastern part of the United States. Florida has the Florida woods cockroach (Eurycotis floridana).

What Does a Palmetto Bug Look Like?

The adult American cockroach grows to be 1 1/2 – 2 inches long. It is reddish-brown and has shiny wings. It can fly, although it usually glides down from higher surfaces to lower surfaces.

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