June Bugs: Types, Photos, Facts + How to Get Rid of Them 2023

The June bug is a sizeable beetle that is a common sight in many regions during the warm summer months. The June bug is a fascinating insect with its iridescent green or brown body, distinct buzzing flight, and intriguing life cycle.

What are June Bugs?

Junebugs belong to the Scarabaeidae family, Melolonthinae sub-family, and the Coleoptera order but can have very different appearances.

Types of June Bug

Even though there are hundreds of different species, there are six main types: – Common June beetle (Phyllophaga): this group is referred to as May bugs, May beetles, June Bugs, or June beetles. They usually have a dark reddish-brown color and measure over 1⅓ inches.

The June Bug’s Life Cycle

The life cycle of the Junebug begins in early summer during mating season and has four stages: egg, larva, pupae, and adult. A female insect will lay eggs in several groups with up to 200 eggs for the season.

How to Identify Them

Full-grown adults are usually dark brown-black, tan, or dark chestnut, measuring from 0.5 to 1.0 inches long. June bugs are known to damage turfgrass.

Facts & Habits

Not aggressive: June bugs do not bite or sting people. – Active at night: These beetles are generally nocturnal and spend most nights breeding or feeding on plants.

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