How to Plant, Grow and Care for Thyme Plant (Complete Guide)

Native to the western Mediterranean, home gardeners are growing thyme plant(Thymus vulgaris) from seed for its earthy, slightly minty flavor.

Thyme Plant Care

It is a popular Mediterranean herb that retains its flavor in cooking and blends well with other regional flavors such as garlic, olive oil, and tomatoes.


Plant them in a sunny, exposed area of your garden or in decorative containers that can be moved throughout the day to follow the light.


The poorer the quality of your soil, the better the growth potential of your thyme plant. The low-maintenance plant does best in dry, sandy but it can also flourish in rocky gravel if given the chance.


Depending on the outdoor climate, established thyme plants should be watered every other week or once per month. Wait until the soil is completely dry, then saturate it with water.

Temperature and Humidity

When it comes to temperature and humidity, thyme plants have no special requirements and can thrive throughout the majority of the year until the first frost.

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