How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Queen of the Night Flower

The Queen of the Night flower, also known as Epiphyllum oxypetalum, is a stunning and unique plant that is native to Central and South America that belongs to the night-blooming Cereus family of cactus (Cactaceae family).

Queen of the Night Flower Care

Queen of the night flower hails from southern Mexico and the tropical rainforest of South and Central America. Mature plants can grow up to 10 feet tall outdoors.


Like most plants, the queen of the night cactus needs light to grow. Direct sunlight in the morning is essential for it to bloom, though it should be kept indirect light afterward.


The queen of the night plant grows well if it’s provided with the right soil type. This plant needs well-drained and airy soil that can hold moisture and is slightly acidic with a pH of around 5.5 to 6.5.


While Queen of the Night flower may appear delicate, it is a resilient plant and can tolerate periods of drought, and does not require frequent watering.

Temperature and Humidity

This plant is distributed throughout semi-desert, tropical, and subtropical regions with intense sunlight, scarce rainfall, and hot temperatures.

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